Hydro Excavation

Hydro Excavation is the process of digging holes of various dimensions with directed water and vacuum.

In the modern world of convenience and technology there is a great increase in the amount of underground utilities. Hydro Excavation immensely decreases the potential of damage to utilities and loss of services that conventional excavation creates.

B Clean, LLC has experience excavating power pole holes, natural gas pipelines, oil pipe lines, municipal water and sewer lines, fiber optic, and electrical conduit.

Hydro Excavation can be performed in most all types of soil and terrain. There are very few limitations on hole size or location.

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Sewer Inspection

B Clean LLC provides the latest technology in sewer, drain, and lift station inspection.  Using the latest IBAK camera system capable of running 1,000 feet while recording and inspecting.  System is capable of doing lateral of the main line.

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Sewer Cleaning

B Clean LLC provides the latest technology in sewer, drain, and lift station cleaning. Our Vactor 2100 jet truck leads the industry in sewer cleaning operations. It has the capability of jetting 80 gallons per minute at 3000 psi. The 2100 also has a 3000 gallon debris tank. It is capable of 18 inches of column vacuum through an 8” tube. We have extensive experience cleaning several types and sizes of drains and lift stations. We have experience cleaning pipes as small as 1” in diameter and as large as 66” in diameter. Our arsenal of drain tools also includes the ability to saw roots in all types of drains. Cleaning deep lift stations creates a problem for most vacuum trucks. The Vactor 2100 specializes in deep lift stations.

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Dry Super-Vac

B Clean LLC Super–Vac service covers all type of super-vac needs. Our crews are equipped with the Guzzler Super-Vac. The Guzzler has the ability to maintain 27 inches of column vacuum through an 8” tube. We have performed all types of recovery and cleaning jobs with the guzzler trucks. In the oil field the guzzlers are used in conjunction with vac boxes or 130 barrel transport trucks to move drilling fluids in the most efficient means available. The poultry industry uses the guzzlers to clean grain bins and transfer systems. Guzzlers are used in coal burning power plants to efficiently remove fly ash and coal dust. In oil refineries we use guzzlers to clean heavy solids from tank interiors. Any where sand blasting is performed guzzlers can be used to remove the excess sand and debris.

The Guzzler Super-Vac is designed to handle wet, dry, or combination of materials.

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Portable Toilets

B Clean LLC provides the cleanest portable toilets in the industry. We supply portable toilets to Laurel, Hattiesburg, Meridian, McComb, Columbia, Hazlehurst, Gulfport, Biloxi, Pascagoula, Magee, De Kalb, Waynesboro, and Tylertown and many other areas. Our customers include industries such as power plants, poultry companies, timber, municipalities, oil field, and construction. We also supply toilets for disaster relief, weddings, churches, family gatherings, special events, and festivals of all kinds.

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Power Washing

B Clean LLC power washing and hydro-blasting service employs the latest in cleaning and hydro-blasting equipment. Our power washing service has extensive experience in onsite washing all types of equipment, drilling rigs, trucks, trailers, buildings, tanks, and parking lots. Our hydro-blasting service has experience on cleaning all types of industrial settings.

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Blendex specializes in the formulation, blending and distribution of high performance, industrial maintenance chemicals.  Our line of products includes: 

  • Blue Gold – Best all around cleaner, safe for paint, removes mildew, grease, oil, tar, soot, road film and dries streak free.
  • Gold Rush – Heavy equipment and truck de-greaser, safe for paint.
  • Red – Formulated for use through hot water pressure washer, removes mildew, grease, oil, tar, soot and road film.
  • Blue Max – Non foaming, safe de-greaser that also removes dirt, grime and soil.
  • Formula 10 – Very versatile water soluble de-greaser and cleaner, U.S.D.A. approved.
  • AP-100 \ AP-50 – Industrial strength concentrate de-greaser, dissolves tough grease and oil, not safe for paint.
  • Le-Roy Brown – Extra heavy duty de-greaser, designed for us on off road equipment, not safe for paint.
  • Super Suds – High performance vehicle shampoo, leaves vehicles with a wax like shine.
  • Super Brite – Aluminum brightener that cuts through heavy road film diesel smoke, fuel and oil stains, rust stains, removes red dirt stains from paint when diluted properly.
  • RM-60 – High performance concrete remover and rust preventer, contains no muriatic acid.
  • Poly-Release – Synthetic asphalt release agent used in the beds of asphalt trucks and trailers.
  • F-1011 Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner – Suspends residue and grease and allows for a clean rinsing, will not dry out hands, use wet or dry.
  • Transformer – Removes fr – 3 transformer oil from finished paint with no ill effect.
  • WF-10 – Low foaming de-greaser, perfect for use in recirculating de-greasing vat.
  • T.A.R. – Tar and asphalt remover, dissolves resin, creosote, crude oil, grease, tar and asphalt on contact.
  • D-Limonene Asphalt Extractant – Perfect for use in asphalt testing labs to clean aggregate for testing, low odor and fast acting.
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BCT Transportation

We haul refrigerated and dry merchandise.  We are not the biggest transportation company, but we are honest, hardworking and reliable.  We go out of our way to meet the needs of our customers.

Our dispatch keep in contact with our drivers to assure your load will be safe and delivered in a reasonable time frame, considering traffic and weather.

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